The Scottish Difference

From sea to plate, we are passionate about delivering the highest quality product, responsibly caught and carefully managed.

Scotland produces some of the world’s finest seafood from the clean, cool waters of its deep lochs and surrounding seas. Fishermen, fish farmers and shellfish growers from around the 11,000 miles of pristine coastline land over 60 species of the highest quality farmed fish and wild seafood.

From pelagic, to whitefish, shellfish and farmed species in all formats, fresh, live or frozen, Scotland is one of Europe’s largest seafood producers. Renowned throughout the world for its high quality produce, Scotland’s seafood meets the needs of today’s demanding consumer and the ambitions of the world’s best chefs and buyers.

The Scottish seafood industry has a long and proud heritage, which has been developed over hundreds of years. Today, Scotland’s traditional methods still flourish alongside a modern fleet and globally leading practices, creating a unique blend of skills, produce and industry unlike anywhere else in the world. Through innovation and product development, producers can provide high-quality, fully traceable and sustainable seafood that is safe and delicious.

For example, salmon is an important part of the Scottish seafood bounty, and is farmed with extreme care and attention to the quality and welfare of the fish. We intentionally choose not to farm for high volume or by using practices such as fast feeding. Rather, we follow a slower growth process, use feed that is free of antibiotics, and have lower pen densities than many other salmon farms around the globe. With less fish per square foot, this allows our salmon to grow larger, naturally, with room to swim to build muscle for firm, superior quality texture and flavor.

Peterhead Fish Market

Scotland is home to the largest fish market in Europe. In fact, there has been a harbor at Peterhead for more than 400 years! This state-of-the-art fish market holds the gold standard AA rating from the British Retail Cosortium, and is bustling with trading and buying activity every day. From Peterhead, seafood from the North Sea are distributed around the world. 

Shetland Seafood Auctions

The largest computerized “Dutch auction” system in the UK, selling approximately 60 tons of fresh whitefish every day to traders around the world. Buyers can track the fish from initial catch on the boat all the way to their destinations around the globe.

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